How to Know if your Pool Has Issues

Do you have issues in keeping the water of your pool blue? If you talk to a pool expert, then he will say that you have a problem pool. It means that your pool is eating at the chemicals that are added to it, and which is why it can’t stay blue long enough.  

There are tell-tale signs that you’re having major issues with your pool and you don’t about it. If you notice any of the four signs listed below, it is best that you call a pool expert to help you out. If a pool renovation is necessary, then you have to go consult a Marin pool remodeling professional instead.  

1. There are trees around your pool.  

Unscreened swimming pools that are encircled by big trees with large leaves are going to be gravely affected. If this is the case with you, then you’ll need to change the filters. Filters have to be removed and washed yearly or more frequently than that.  

Large quantities of debris may cause the filters with extreme difficulty, eventually reducing its lifespan. In addition, the debris can trigger clogged impellers and if that happens, only a professional will be able to unclog it. 

2. Leaking pools  

Swimming pools may leak where there’s plumbing present. It means that your drainage system and the walls have to be checked regularly. If you discover that you have to constantly pour fresh water into your swimming pool, then it may be leaking somewhere. If you add fresh water to the pool, the chemicals already in there will be diluted. That means you also need to add more stabilizers to keep it blue. Hire an expert to help you find out where it is. 

3. Drain problem 

A swimming pool is built in such a way that it pulls water from the main drain and skimmer. There are instances wherein pool technicians do the shortcut when addressing leaks by capping off the main drain. This is not acceptable. If you have this problem, then you have to get your pool repaired by the experts. 

Some pools could have their main drain clogged, which is a problem. Worse, some pools are built without main drains at all. Without the main drain, the swimming pool works only half as good. It means that there’s low water circulation, thus the filtering is too slow and it can’t keep your entire pool clean. If your pool doesn’t have a drain, then you better call a Marin pool remodeling expert to install one for you.  

4. Small pool equipment 

Both filters and pumps are offered in various horsepower and dimensions intended to satisfy the needs of your swimming pool. Poor circulation is the result of installing pumps or filters that are too small for your pool. They will only add stress to the rest of your pool equipment and plumbing.  

The same is true for small cartridge filters. Small filters that are installed in a large pool with no screen are a major issue. It’s because the filter won’t be able to clean itself properly and maintaining it is going to be very difficult. In addition to that, the extra stress will force you to replace some parts faster than expected. 

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